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Elpida Healing Center is a medical clinic that uses an evidence-based approach involving mainstream Allopathic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Osteopathy, herbal medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, and medical devices to help our patients achieve their health goals.

The clinic was founded by Matthew Brock, MD in an effort to help patients overcome their health challenges using both conventional and alternative medicine modalities. 

We are a specialty clinic offering consultations, follow ups, and specific treatments. We cannot replace a primary care provider and cannot offer 24/7 access for on call medical needs.

More About Matthew Brock, MD

Dr. Matthew D. Brock graduated from Oregon Health and Science University with honors in 2010 achieving AOA status. He completed his training in Internal Medicine at Legacy Emmanuel hospital in 2014 and began primary care medicine. During his 2 years as an attending in a busy outpatient practice, he quickly realized that he was not helping patients overcome their illnesses but only managing the disease. Dr. Brock began to pursue alternative and natural treatments to help patients overcome their health challenges.


Dr. Brock had his own health challenges given his history of being a high level college football player with the Oregon State Beavers.. His received unsatisfactory answers through conventional medicine to his health concerns. Dr. Brock recalls, "I had just turned 30 years old and was diagnosed with bone on bone arthritis of my left shoulder. I sought advice and help from well known specialists and was provided with no definitive way of handling my complaints of increasing fatigue, constant muscle tightness, joint pains, chronic neuritis of my left upper extremity, and hypothermia. I was driven to hopelessness. My life seemed to be ending just when I thought it was supposed to be getting started. Then I sought and found answers outside the realm of conventional medicine and was able to get my life back. I applied these teachings to my patients who were deemed hopeless by the conventional medical community and they had the same excellent outcomes!"


At that point, Dr. Brock knew his career had just changed. Hunger to learn pushed Dr. Brock to leave conventional practice and start his own vision of how he felt patients should be treated. "I don't want to view patients as just another number."


Dr. Brock has traveled all around the country and world learning from the finest physicians of all disciplines of medicine to bring to Elpida Healing Center the best for each particular patient to help them achieve their health goals. Through years of training in varying medical modalities, Dr. Brock is now helping patients overcome their health challenges using both conventional and alternative medicine modalities.

Elpida Healing Center is inside Yoder Chiropractic Center

2100 SE 164th Ave, C102, Vancouver, WA 98683

For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911